Google Single account login does not present a way to use any other account

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  • I integrated the Google as federated identity
  • Logged in using an account using the authorization endpoint.
  • I also made sure to use logout URL for Auth0 thereafter.
  • Next time I attempted to used authorization endpoint it directly logged me in with the last user.
  • When I signed out of the Google account as well I was able to view the prompt for next login attempt.
    ail account.
  • if I however have another google account loggedin (the browser) then it allows me account selection.

Currently I could not find any way to force the user to select an account using the “prompt : select account option”. Please let us know if this is possible.

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Google has the option to indicate, in the authorization request, that it should show the account chooser.
You can do this in two ways:

  • by asking this from your application, adding a prompt=select_account in the authorization request (this is good when you only want to trigger this based on some specific conditions)
  • by patching the Google connection so that it always sends this parameter.

To force passing parameters to the identity provider you’ll need to use the Management API v2 Update a Connection endpoint and Include this value in the options object of the connection:

  "prompt":{ "value" : "select_account" }

Remember, when patching the options value, that you first need to read its current content and include it in the patch body, so that it looks like this:

  "options" : {
    [...], // all previously existing options
      "prompt":{ "value" : "select_account" }

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