Google signin in Auth0 specifying user email and google access token

Hello, I am trying to understand if I can use the “Google/Gmail” extension in Auth0 platform to login an existing user using google authentification.
For a usual flow of login, we need email + password, but for Google authentication, there is no password. If someone has this situation before, can you please point me to the right API docs or share some thoughts on this?
Thank you.

Hi @gabriela.badila,

If you want to allow existing email address + password users in your Auth0 service to log in with their Google accounts, you need to provide a means to link the Google account to the Auth0 account. For example, you might have a user settings page in your app and on that page you might have a “click here to be able to log in with Google” button which will trigger a flow that you create to link the users Google identity to their Auth0 profile.

Some documentation:

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Thanks for helping on this one Mark!

Thank you for responding. It makes it clearer now :smiley:

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