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Connecting email/password credentials and Google account



I created my free account on Auth0 using single sign on with my Google Account.
For multiple reasons I would like to be able to sign into my account using just my email and a password. I cannot get that to work.

Is it possible? Of course I can just create a new Auth0 account, but hoping to avoid it!


Yes, that should be possible, here’s the steps that I just take and worked as expected:

  1. Signup at with Google authentication and create account X.
  2. In a different browser session (you can use incognito or alike) signup at with username and password authentication and do not create any account.
  3. In the account you created and you are logged in with Google select invite users to your tenant option and add an invitation for
  4. Access the link you received in the email or obtained in the dashboard itself and login with the username and password user (do this in a different browser session than the Google authenticated one and have in mind that the link shows the sign up page by default so choose login given the user already exists).

The above works and the reason for the convoluted second step is that I already had both a Google account and username/password for my Gmail address so I had to describe my actual flow with added steps. You may be able to achieve what you want even if you bypass step 2. and then at 4. just use the signup tab to register a new username and password user for your email address. Nonetheless, at most replicating these exact steps just worked for me.