User Account replaced when logging with Google?

Hello friends,

Our mobile App uses Auth0 to manage user accounts. People can create an account through the normal means of username + password, Facebook, or Google.

Recently, one of our users who had created his username and password, asked for help reseting his password, since he hadn’t been able to do it himself. Before he did that, however, he attempted the option to “sign in using Google.”

When I went to look at his profile, I realized I couldn’t reset his password because the account was created using Google. He promises me that he had previously created a username and password, but I cannot find any trace of it in my Auth0 dashboard. He, on his part, doesn’t have access to any of his profile information because his original account wasn’t google.

The question is: did an account get created when he clicked on “Sign in through Google” and did it replace the original username/password account? If so, is there any way to restore the former one?

Thank you kindly,

Hi @anandawebservices ,

If the Auth0 Account Linking extension is not enabled, the user should have two accounts associated with the email, one for username-password and the other for Google. With the extension enabled, the two accounts will be linked as one account, one as the primary account and the other as the secondary account.

Could you please DM me name of the tenant and the user’s email?