Is it possible for admin to add email/password to existing user logged in with google social login

Hi, I have a user who has an account with us using google social login. And now they have deleted their google account and are not able to access our platform. Is it possible for the admin to add a password to the account so that the user can access.

Hi @shakyaabiral,

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You would need to create a new user and link their accounts with User Account Linking.

Hi @dan.woda ,
Thank you for the response. I had a look at it but it seems the account linking is only possible via the client side. And since my client can’t login to their google account they wont be able to link their accounts. Is there any feature from the auth0 console to link accounts?


Apologies, you are correct it won’t be possible to link the account if they cannot log in.

Is it possible to recover the google account?

Hi @dan.woda , its not possible for user to recover the google account :frowning: Is there any other way for us to allow the user to login?

I can’t find a way to do it, but I’d like to check with the team to be sure. I’ll update here when I hear back from them.

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