Social Login First but wants to add password login

We support 2 types of Auth0 logins at our customized login page:

  1. Google login
  2. Email/Password signup/login

A user started with a Google login but wants to add a password login to his account. What can we do? I tried the reset password link on the universal login, but it didn’t send the reset password email. Please advise!

You may be able to look into User Account Linking. I believe this would cause there to be 2 MAUs for this user for billing purposes, but its stated purpose is to allow different accounts in separate IdPs to be recognized by your application as the same person.

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@josiah_devizia But what is the user flow look like? Users will have to create a password account first like a new user and we link them together through User Account Linking?

I think it would probably depend on your system.

You may be able to provision a new account for them with the Management API, or you could have them sign up with a new password account and then programmatically link, or you could have an admin link accounts for them.


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