Google Authenticator Not working some users

We have implemented Auth0 in our application and it is working wonderfully. However, we have a few isolated examples of people that have struggled to make the authentication work.
These few clients Raw JSON doesn’t contain : “multifactor”: [“google-authenticator” ], , and the “Send enrollment invitation” is not working

Hello @robinson.dantas1, I apologize for the delay in response.

When the MFA rule is activated, you can access the user details and there appears a new option in the action button with the text “Reset Multi factor (Google)”. After pressing that option, user parameter “Multifactor” is deleted and he will get ask to enroll again. Can you please give this a try if you are still facing the problem and let me know if it helps you to solve it?

I will keep this topic open for another ten days unless I hear otherwise from you. Thank you.

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