Cannot enable recovery codes with MFA using Google Authenticator provider

Hi all. I have just enabled auth0 using Universal login and noticed that when enabling multi-factor authentication, I am not prompted with a recovery code to save. After reading the documentation, I thought that maybe this feature is only available when using the Guardian provider, but the auth0 profile page allows you to activate two-factor authentication for your auth0 account and appears to be able to use google authenticator with a recovery code so I’m sure I should be able to enable them.

I thought recovery codes should be enabled by default but apparently not for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Hey there @mrichards!

So the Google Authenticator works a little bit different. Here’s the reference point:

In Google Authenticator if you have lost your phone and are unable to finish the two-step authentication you will need to contact your system administrator for help accessing your account.

Hope that helps!

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