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Google API returns access denied


No matter how many times I delete my app creds at the Google APIs interface and regenerate my client ID and secret, I get an access denied error when testing the social connection. I know my password is correct, I use it all day every day. It is unclear who is denying what , the dev console is clear, no errors.

  "error": "unauthorized",
  "error_description": "Access denied."

Does this apply? I am using the default scopes:

OAuth is limited to 100 [sensitive scope logins] until the [OAuth consent screen] is published. This may require a verification process that can take several days.

Sorry if this is a terribly common question - am I missing something simple?

Note: my windowslive auth connection works fine!



PS: Moved this posted, accidentally saved it under Community…

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When I look at the details for my gmail user under Users -> User Details the Raw JSON view shows a lot of data from google. Is there any way for me to tell me where the access is being denied? It seems like google is processing the request and returning the correct data. Do I need to break out wireshark to figure out what’s going on? Microsoft, Github, Amazon, all work fine…

When I click “try” I do NOT see the " Click Allow in the permissions pop-up screen:" click-through at all for google.


Found the problem: the “Email domain whitelist” was allowing my address through, but blocking my address. Wow, no clue at all in the errors or auth0 interface pointing to that rule :frowning:


Glad you made it work @omortis!

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