Google and Microsoft authenticator entries unreliable when using custom MFA classic login

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We are using custom MFA screens and providing user option to use MFA app (Auth0 Guardian, Google-Authenticator and Mircosoft-Authenticator).
In MFA app, we want the content to be displayed as


When initializing guardian, we are providing name and label as below:

                issuer: {
                  name: "{{ }}",
                  label: "Prisidio",

which gives us the closest behaviour we want.
In Auth0 Guardian app, we see


In Google Authenticator, we see (

In Microsoft authenticator, we see


I attached the screenshots for above examples.
How can we ensure Google and Microsoft Authenticator also shows content similar to what we see in Guardian app?

IOS app for guardian Auth0 doesn’t behave the same as Android app.
IOS app doesn’t display email like android app.
This is such a bad issue, the functionality changes across platforms.

Support team provided us a fix. accountLabel was the missing part. Below configuration reliably shows what we want.


Below is the piece of code we had to add in custom MFA code provided at auth0-guardian.js/example at master · auth0/auth0-guardian.js · GitHub

                issuer: {
                  name: "Prisidio",
                  label: "Prisidio",
                accountLabel: "{{ }}",
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Perfect! Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!