Github Deployments Extension not deleting page

I deleted my error page in the connected Github repository and it did not delete once it has been deployed.

Extension version 2.4

The deployment extensions will not delete a hosted page, but you can enable or disable it by using the corresponding .json file. For example, you need a error_page.json file with the following content:

  "enabled": false

Take a look at for more info.

I didn’t mean to delete it – it was to return it to the generic error page (and delete the error_page.html) file.

I tried everything from making a new repository, making it as false in the .json file, and setting the error page to the redirect option. This issue occurred when I updated the extension to 2.4.

Do you get any logs that could help in the troubleshooting?

It showed this once I deleted the error_page.html file and deployed it:

 "pages": {
  "deleted": 0,
  "created": 0,
  "updated": 2

It then shows 1 updated page in later deployments (with the error page still showing up as it was on Github).

I tested it out on a brand new tenant and the same error occurred.

The log shows that the deployment does not recognize that the page has been disabled (or removed) and returned to the default one that Auth0 provides (error page).

This issue seems to be fixed

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