Github deploy extension stops working with "Storage Error"

I imagine the steps to repro are: 1) create a 2mb+ repo, 2) deploy repeatedly until it stops working, 3) check logs for Storage Error

The problem is the github script/rule deploy extension stops working. For my 2.1mb git repo, this happens consistently after 6 successful deploys. The 7th deploy always gets an error “Storage Error” and I have to uninstall/install the extension to get it to work again.

I started using the github extension with v2.0. Most recently I’ve updated to v2.2.

I created a support ticket months ago about the issue but back then it’d get the error and still do the deploy.

Now, however, that has stopped working. This makes developing db scripts challenging. Especially since documentation on them is a bit lacking.

Edit: Per @jmangelo request, here is some more info.

  • No rules or hosted pages in repo. Just the custom db action scripts for a single database: change_email, change_password, create, delete, get_user, login, verify
  • No hosted pages or manual rules on the account (i used to have rules once upon a time, but I’ve deleted them unrelated to this issue)
  • I’m deploying from a branch other than master
  • Repo size: 2.8mb
  • Combined script size: 385kb (at time of OP this was significantly less <100kb)

Here’s the (hopefully) sanitized log output from a failed deploy: output.txt · GitHub

Just now I did another uninstall/install and was able to deploy and can confirm I’m on v2.2.

The extension stores log information for executed deployments until a maximum of ten deployments where it then starts to automatically remove older deployment log information. You mention that in your scenario it fails at the seventh deployment so it seems it’s reaching storage limits before starting to remove older deployments. The storage limits are the ones associated with a Webtask so it’s 500KB.

Previous versions of the extension used to store actual file contents like the rule’s code in the deployment logs which meant that storage limits could be easily reached, however, the latest version of the extension no longer stores actual file contents so hitting the limits before the ten deployments is strange.

You mention that you started using the extension on a previous version so if you used the update to the latest version built-in mechanism, any storage data is maintained which would mean some deployment logs could still be storing file contents.

If you uninstall and then install latest (I believe 2.2 at this time) do you still hit the error at the seventh deployment? If yes, can you update your questions with information about the number of rules, pages and databases that you’re deploying through the extension.

That was the course of action recommended by support (reinstall) and I’ve done that.

I’ve recently added some tests to my repo so the situation has gotten worse and I now get 4 deploys before needing to reinstall the extension.

Re. your request, I’ll update the question now.