Github rule deployment triggers rate limit

I added one additional rule to my existing rule set and then attempted to deploy the change via GitHub integration. Now, it fails due to what appears to be a rate limit.

Perhaps the github rule deployment should be exempt from the rate limits, no?


{“statusCode”:429,“error”:“Too Many Requests”}

There was a recent change in the limits applied to the Management API for certain tenants so the reason the error surfaced now could be related to that. Having said that there was already limits in place that depending on deployment artifacts count could also be reached so it could be argued that the extension should be considering this and possibly retrying. I’ll relay this internally to the extension team and will get back to you when I have additional information.

This situation can now be tracked through this GH issue, however, the update on the deployment extension may be dependent on an update to another library that is consumed as dependency so it’s slightly more complex than initially anticipated.

Update: the GitHub extension had a version update to include an additional feature and at the same time it included a retry if an error is due to rate limits so you may want to consider updating to latest.

@walter provided an update to my answer as the GH extension latest version now includes some retry logic.