Status Code 429 "Too Many Requests" "message":"Global limit has been reached"

Getting Status code 429 sometimes when running our integration tests against auth0 api. Will this limit be increased if we upgrade to Developer Pro plan?

Hi @ianp_99!

Thanks for your question have you considered mocking Auth0 API calls to avoid rate-limiting? That could certainly be a means to get around this issue.

I’ve also attached our rate limiting policy that can provide some more information on how we regulate different endpoints. It’s also worth mentioning that if your tenant flag isn’t set it will default to a lower “free-tier” rate-limit, and by setting it to production it should increase those limits to normal. I’m not sure if you’re on a paid plan as of now, but this information could be useful if you decide to get a subscription to our service.


Hey Colin,
We do mock the Auth0 endpoints for unit tests, but not for integration tests. We could run fewer integration tests. I’m not sure what you mean by the tenant flag? Can you explain that? So it sounds like the developer pro license level would not benefit us by allowing more requests? Another issue we just ran into is fetching the roles for each user. It gives the 429 after 10 requests, but we have 15 users on a page. How would you suggest refactoring to allow us to show the users and their roles together on a page? Thanks!

hi @ianp_99,

Sorry for the delay in response, if you append “@” to my name then I’ll be notified when you’ve responded. Here’s a link concerning setting up your tenant environment, apologies I believe I used ‘flag’ inappropriately in my previous message.

However to provide some explanation of flags since I brought it up: flags are toggles built into the services allowing us to enable or disable certain behaviors of the various services (think of certain features such as SSO etc. and having a way to know whether a tenant has it enabled). Often times we have to enable or disable these flags during our operations of the platform.

If you’d like to get a more in-depth answer to which subscription/tier fits your use-case I’d recommend hitting the ‘Talk to Sales’ button in the upper right of this link.

First I’d recommend updating your tenant environment to Production and seeing if that fixes the rate-limiting your experiencing with users/roles.

Hope this helps, let me know what happens.