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I am trying get the auth0 hosted login page automated. I’m using github deployments extension its connected via the github webhook whenever i’m deploying its showing the success sign and if i click on logs it shows just blank json array and m following the structure for this extension to work in github replo. i have tried changing the files but nothing is working. just to make sure i’m on a free plan right now. Please help its urgent. nothing is working.


Hi @akshay.verma

Sure, Let’s connect over Github and please share your code so that I can have a look.

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This the structure m following for the files. I don’t how to connect with you over github.


Hey @shahbaz17 and @akshay.verma!

Have you managed to debug and fix the issue?


Hi @konrad.sopala

Since @akshay.verma didn’t share his code, and from the screenshot, I am unable to fix the issue.


@akshay.verma are you able to share your code here so we can take a look at it?


I was having the same issue, it ended up being that I had set BASE_DIR in the settings to settings/mytenantname, leaving this field empty fixed the problem. To be honest this field was confusing to me, perhaps more clarity around what this path maps to would help.


Thanks a lot for sharing that! I’ll make sure to relay that feedback to appropriate team!

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