Is it possible to manage Hosted Pages via the Management API?

What we’re trying to achieve:
We’d like to keep the custom code we use in the Hosted Pages in our version control system, and push changes to Auth0 automatically (without any manual steps).

Auth0 provides API endpoints to create and update Rules, but as far as I can see there is nothing similar for Hosted Pages.

Am I missing something?

You might be able to use the GitHub Deployments extension. I’m using that for rules, hosted pages, and database connections, while also writing API scripts for the rest of the configuration. See

Thanks. We’re using on premise TFS, but at least that’s an indication that it’s technically possible.

The GitHub deployments extension reveals a hidden “global” client / application, against which you can update the custom hosted pages.

Searching for the client ID of the hidden global client:

Updating the custom hosted login page against this client: