How can I manage my auth0 configuration in a secure and manageable way?

Using auth0 we have many configuration fields in different sections of the dashboard.
While Rules and Custom Database connections can be backed to GitHub and deployed from there Clients and other Connections can’t.
Recently we had to change the default Client we’re using for our application and it was a painful process since we missed many places where this Client was referenced within Auth0.
As our client base will grow this might become even more painful.
We would like to have a solution in which we can review our entire Auth0 configuration in one scan - as if it was code. Doing that with Rules is really nice.

Is there any available way to keep the entire Auth0 configuration as files, edit them when needed and upload them to overwrite current configuration? (revert will also be nice)
If not, what other ways would you recommend to manage Auth0 configuration?

If you haven’t done so already you may want to check out auth0-deploy-cli. Have in mind that I could not find formal documentation about this so it’s probably better to consider it as any other open source tool.

The way the tool works is by leveraging the Auth0 Management API to automate the configuration process. The API will be the essential part for any tool that addresses this scenario so if you have specific requirements on how to manage your configuration the path to have it automated would most likely also include the implementation of a custom tool that calls into the Management API.