API for configuration?

Does Auth0 have an API for configuration of Applications, Rules, APIs, etc?

Some of the examples are quite long. Here is one example with a page on manual configuration steps: https://auth0.com/docs/architecture-scenarios/spa-api/part-2

Every step, or choice, I must make in an example is an opportunity for me to screw up. Given the number of configuration steps, I am virtually guaranteed to end up implementing something that does not work. Is there a way to automate this configuration? Is there an API I can use so I can write a program; and eventually compose a reliable written record of the steps?

Thank you

Hey there @klahnakoski!

Auth0 do have two APIs

  1. Management API (you can see its endpoints and docs below)


  1. Authentication API (you can see its endpoints and docs below)
  1. We also have extensions that you can find useful in some scenarios

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