Create Custom API using the Management API or via automated means

My company is looking into using Auth0 for authentication requirements for a number of our applications. One such application that I’m working on is a web based application that runs a front-end Single Page Application (SPA) built using React, which in turn communicates with an API on the server (built in .NET Core 2.1). We have both an “Application” and an “API” configured within Auth0 and authentication is working very well.

We are now looking into automating the provisioning of our configuration within Auth0 using the Management API, however, whilst we can automate the creation and configuration of the “Application” (i.e. Using this Management API endpoint), I can find no way of automating the creation and configuration of a custom “API” within Auth0 using the Management API.

Is it possible to create a Custom API via the Management API, or via some other means that can be automated?

If so, how can this be achieved? If not, is this functionality something that is likely to be implemented?

Thanks in advance.


I think you need the Resource Servers part of the management API.

Resource Servers are surfaced as APIs in the dashboard.

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Thanks Glenn. That’s excellent.

Was looking in the documentation for “Custom API” but didn’t think that it would be referred to by an entirely different name!

Thanks a lot @craig.phillips for mentioning that naming point, I’ll relay it to our docs team and thank you @glenn.davies for sharing that knowledge!

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