Deploy using auth0-deploy-cli to a clean/fresh tenant

I played around with auth0-deploy-cli and it looks really promising. But one thing is a bit tricky. If I deploy my rules/clients and so on to the tenant it only makes changes on the fields actually provided. So if I have filled a wrong field for a client, deployed it and now want to clear it the only way to do it is to include that field into my client definition and provide the old default value (which might change over time so I’m going to write an old default value in the future each time I deploy). Also how can I actually delete rules with a deployment? I can disable them but I don’t see any chance to delete one of them as they will just be there forever once they have been deployed to the tenant except I delete them in the GUI.

Is there any possibility to tear down everything and do a deploy on a fresh tenant without loosing data like users, client ids, etc. I played around with auth0-reset-tenant which could reset all this stuff but e.x. if I delete the client the newly created client by the deploy will have another client id and another client secret. So this is also not a very solid idea.

How do you manage your auth0 configuration as code?

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