Importing just a single action across tenants using deploy-cli

I did the export of actions from dev tenant using the following config.json:

    "AUTH0_DOMAIN": "<domain>",
    "AUTH0_CLIENT_ID": "<client>",
    "AUTH0_ALLOW_DELETE": false,
    "AUTH0_INCLUDED_ONLY": ["actions"]

and in the tenant.yaml I’ve got all the actions.

Now my question is -

  • if I remove some of the actions from the tenant.yaml,
  • do the import to the dev environment back

What will happen?
Will it

  • override dev tenant state with the tenant.yaml (and delete the actions that are not there anymore) OR
  • it will override/create (if does not exist) only the actions that are in the tenant.yaml


Hi @margarita.lukjanska,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Using the Configure the Deploy CLI "AUTH0_ALLOW_DELETE": false, config should prevent deletion of resources in the tenant.

Regardless, I would suggest you try changes in a test or staging environment to confirm behavior before doing anything in production.

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