Hosted login and configs

We have our Auth0 instance set up to use the VSTS extension as per this article Auth0 Extensions

This works great! Except we would like to be able to run some transforms on our Login and Password Reset pages before or after they are pushed to Auth0 in order to facilitate development in a few different environments. Right now Hosted Pages do not have a config section like there are in Rules and I don’t see anything in the Auth0 Management API that would allow us to create / update a hosted page. Is there a way to accomplish this using Git and the VSTS extension such as passing in configs to the login page or configuring variables that can be accessed in the page?

As you mentioned there’s no configuration mechanism similar to what’s available in rules for the hosted pages. However, the extensions update the pages by performing calls to the Management API which you should be able to replicate and in this way provide a custom deploy step for pages.

For example, for the reset password page, error page and Guardian page you can call the update tenant settings endpoint as documented in the Management API explorer. For the hosted login page the extension updates it through a call to the update client settings endpoint and ensuring the call is associated to the account global client; have in mind that I could not find formal documentation on this process, but it’s what the extension does so you may consider using it.