Getting "Error getting the bot detection challenge" when navigating back

We’ve implemented a custom html login view. Everything works fine, except that when the user logs in correctly and navigates back, let’s say by touching the “back” button from its smartphone or by clicking back in the navigator, it returns to the login page again but with an error saying “Error getting the bot detection challenge, please contact the system administrator”.

What should be the correct process when the user navigates back to the login view, after a successful login?
How can I implement that?


Hi @lautaroramos and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :star_struck: :tada:

It sounds like you’ve got bot detection on a customized Classic Universal Login page. The users in this case are going back to the login page either with the back button or they have bookmarked the login prompt with an old state parameter. This is a legacy behavior that is still supported in Classic Universal Login.

One way to solve this issue and allow the user to keep going to that URL with an invalid state is to configure the tenant’s Login URL in the settings:

This is a URL in the application, that triggers the authorization flow. ie. it redirects to /authorize with the correct parameters to start the authorization flow.

I believe this should solve the problem and is transparent to the end-user.

Please read more about this scenario here:

Let me know if this helps!

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