Back button click after login


I am using universal login in our application. So when a user logs in, comes to our dashboard/homepage, and then clicks the browser back button, I am getting an error page. I understand that, this is an expected behavior ,as that’s a non repeatable step, but was looking into possible workarounds from previous posts. For example: Error when click back button on browser after logged with Auth0 (Password login via ...). Following the workaround suggested here, I have set default login route in our application. That seemed to have partially solved the issue, where the previous error page is gone. But occasionally, I am getting a state mismatch error.

So my concerns are:

  1. Why I am getting that error ? Is there a possible solution to that ?
  2. How is this being solved on the auth0 website ? As I am unable to reproduce this issue on auth0’s website.