BACK button after successful Auth0 login

I have a few webapps using Auth0 with Angular and they work fine, but I also have a very simple one that has this problem:

  1. Go to my apps home page, click ‘sign in’
  2. The auth0 Universal Login comes up, works fine
  3. Auth0 redirects to the main page of my app, all good.

The problem is, at this point, if I click the browser’s BACK button, the browser goes back to #2, but the ‘state’ parameter is missing, it looks like this:

This app is different in that it uses jQuery, and, it uses a custom login form setup on Auth0’s site. In general everything else is similar to the apps that work.

Whereas all my other apps have a URL parameter that looks something like ‘?state=kdsjf894h’. I have no idea why this app works differently but it results in a nasty Auth0 error page. Can someone explain to me why the ‘state’ parameter goes missing, or, what else I am missing?

Hi @tomkins.greg1,

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Setting up a default login route may solve for this. Have you seen this doc?

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