Error when click back button on browser after logged with Auth0 (Password login via ...)

after user login with Auth0, Auth0 redirect to my website, after that, user click back button on browser,
the auth0 login page is display?(why, because user is already logged in)

user enter user name and pw again and the error page is display

“Password login via OIDC-conformant clients with externally-hosted login pages is unsupported. Alternatively, login could have been initiated from the wrong place”
How to solve this problem?
my expectation: if user click back button, auth0 will auto login (because user logged already) and redirect to my website)

The error described is expected behavior within the Auth0 authorization flow. It generates from the fact that the login transaction no longer exists. A possible work around to this issue could be to set a Default Login Route for your application.

You can read more here:


Thanks, I will try it

@karen1 sorry, but I don’t understand the solution ‘set a Default Login Route for your application.’. How can I try this solution? update my angular app or edit on the Auth0 setting?

I’m dealing with this same issue as well. I’ve noticed I can’t reproduce this when logging into to manage my accounts. How does solve this issue?

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