Generating Reports to Track Login Trends

Hey Everyone, I have a question as I noticed there are many areas we can generate a CSV export. I was hoping to generate an export of the user login logs filtered by connections in order to track login/access trending. Is there a way to do that?

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I noticed that you created a support ticket for the same query. Once the answer is provided by our Support team, I will update this topic so it can help other folks moving forward. Thanks!

Here is the answer provided on the support ticket:

Currently, there is no way to download an export of user logs directly from the Dashboard UI. To obtain that, you will need to do one of these two things:

  • Search log events using our Management API GET/api/v2/logs endpoint. You can specify any search criteria, or retrieve all logs and filter by login events afterward.
  • You can create a custom Log Stream using Webhooks. This approach will allow you to stream the logs to an endpoint in your back end where you can consume those logs and use the information you need: ;

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