Stats Report about Auth0 Tenant


This article explains how to create reports about Auth0 tenants.


here are a number of ways to retrieve statistics/reports on how the Auth0 tenant is performing.

  • The Daily Stats endpoint provides the number of logins and signups across the tenant.
  • The Quarterly Snapshot provides highlights of usage and value at an account level, including aggregated information against quota, the identity environment, and threat detection. Quarterly Snapshot tracks these metrics.
  • Implementing a Log Stream to track finer-grain statistics. For example, to track daily last login time and username of users accessing the Application, a log stream to monitor success login events (type: s) to correlate usernames with their most recent login.
    • This stream of events can be sent to one of the supported log analytics providers or a custom webhook in the infrastructure. In addition, log streams allow customers to retain logs past the standard retention period Auth0 has.