Get a list of users per day

First of all, not a developer so I’m very new to the lingo. I have basic knowledge.

We currently use the free plan for a simple service that requires a passwordless login process.
Our users type in their email and gets a code to their email that they use to get access to our service/website.

I’d like an easy way to export or list the email addresses that successfully got a code and managed to log in on a given day or a period of days. I’ve looked in the log files but I can’t figure out how to export the data. When I filter it doesn’t work.

I’d be very grateful for any suggestions.
Thank you!

Hi @vincentbell,

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You can filter results by event type using the event code. For example, querying for a successful login would be type:s.

You can use this query in the dashboard UI or use the Management API’s GET/api/v2/logs endpoint:


However, there are a couple limitations:

  • You must paginate results for a max of 100 logs per request
  • You can only paginate for up to 1,000 log entries per search criteria

If you require more data then these limitations allow, you can either:

Thank you very much @stephanie.chamblee . I appreciate your swift reply.

So I managed to use “type:s” and only got successful logins, but is there a way to export to an excel or csv?

Hi @vincentbell,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to export logs from the dashboard. It would be great to hear about your use case in a feature request in our feedback category:

The current options would be to either set up a 3rd-party logging service integration or write a script that uses the Management API logs endpoint to generate a CSV.

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