Logins count by connection for a date range?

I would like to know how many logins we have for a specific connection for our site, and havent found anything suitable. It doesnt matter if I get it from the Logs dashboard or by the API. I just want the number, like the counter in the dashboard, but for a specific connection and for example for last 7 days or last month or a custom time range.

Hi @johannes.lind,

This can be done via logs. There isn’t a built in GUI to set this type of analysis up, so you will need to do some development to achieve your goal.

What type of subscription type you have will determine how long your logs are stored by Auth0. Most customers will export logs via one of our extensions or streams and use a third party for analysis.

If you want to do a quick check via the management API logs endpoint, you can use the following params to search for successful logins from a specific connection:

type:"s" AND connection:"{YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME}"

Hope this helps,

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