How to find out which users are logging into which client/app?

I have two applications/clients in my tenant. How do I see which users are logging into which application?

Hey @Sean_McIlvenna !

Are you looking for more from a logging/visibility approach? If so, you can search logs in your dashboard (monitoring → logs) using the Log Search Query Syntax which may look like:

type: "s" AND client_id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID

OR using the Management API :

GET /api/v2/logs?q=type:"s" AND client_id:YOUR_CLIENT_ID&per_page=20&page=0
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN

Yah, but the logs only seem to go back 3 days. Guessing I have to be on a paid plan to see more logs…

That’s correct, you can find our log retention policy here:

So, are there other options beyond the logs (with limited retention unless paying for more), that would allow me to see how many of the 3k users I have in my tenant access each of the two apps?

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You might be able to use the Management API /api/v2/grants and add a client_id param to see which users have authorized a specific client.

More forward looking, you could also look into log streaming or hitting an API from within a Post Login Action with the relevant user_id and client_id.

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