Get all successful login logs

Hi ,
I am trying to retrieve all the logs of type successful and un successful login.But no API seems to fit the bill. I cannot use the pagination of the search logs API since there maybe a lot of these logs ( above 1000) , I was wondering how I can achieve this with the from , take parameters of the search logs API.
Basically how do I find the last log that is stored at auth0 , so I can call the search logs API with the next link header until all logs are processed.
I need this to create a periodic report which will be generated by an automated script every 10 days ( our tenant’s auth0 log retention days )

Any help is appreciated.

Meghashyam S

Hi @meghashyam,

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I would recommend using out Log Streams feature to export your logs to a provider with the capabilities you described here. Using a dedicated logging platform will give you a first-class log experience with Auth0.

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