Full backup of Auth0 users

I would like to understand how we should be performing backups of our Auth0 tenant.

In the Operations Readiness guide it is recommended to have backups available in the event of something unforeseen happening:

You should have a plan and mechanism in place to support any backup/restore capability needed for your project. This can be done using the Auth0 Management API for data as well as the Automated Deployment capabilities described in the automated deployment section for Auth0 configuration.

I’m having some difficulty implementing this. We control the tenant configuration programmatically from git using a0deploy, so we are not worried about the configuration - just the users.

The management APIs provide bulk export and import functionality for users, however they seem to be missing some key features:

  1. The bulk export API does not allow for hashes to be exported (this is probably OK as users can be restored and instructed to set a new password through password reset)
  2. The bulk import API only supports importing users into a Database Connection but not to any of the social logins (despite being able to export them)
  3. A full export (including hashes) is only possible by opening a support ticket

My question: can anyone provide any experience on how you do full backups in a manner that allows for a full restore if the worst were to happen?

Hello @tyrone.erasmus,

There are no (reasonable) mechanisms in place today that would allow you to do your own backups of your Auth0 user database. Auth0 does their own backups for their own disaster recovery purposes, but there ways to do the same yourself.

You can possibly get Auth0 Support to send you a full copy of the database, but I don’t believe that is officially supported, and is obviously not helpful when you want regular, frequent, point-in-time backups.

Have a look at this thread for some related information and my general recommendation that you consider storing your user data in your own database.


This should read: “Auth0 does their own backups for their own disaster recovery purposes, but there are no ways to do the same yourself.”

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