Backup / Restore Policy for Public Cloud Tenants

Problem Statement

We are a public cloud customer and want to run a maintenance procedure. What type of backup and restore capabilities were provided by Auth0 so we don’t lose data during the process?


Auth0 does not provide any type of backup and restore service to customers. It is the responsibility of customers to back up their user database stores and tenant configurations.

Requests to backup user database stores or tenant configurations are classed as Unsupported Requests. Details are in this doc.

However, Auth0 provides several tools that help customers back up and restore their Auth0 user data stores. This task is explained in the Import /Export documentation:

Please be noted that user export jobs do not backup hashed passwords. So, you would need to create a new ticket, requesting an export of users and hashed passwords. This can take several days to process.

Tenant infrastructure can be backed up and restored using the Deploy CLI tool :

Some customers prefer to use Terraform.