Free plan - unable to create a new database even if only 9 databases (3rd time issue)


I have a free plan, I had 10 databases donnections.
I’ve deleted one and want to add a new one.
Unfortunately, I’m now not able to add a new one. It says : This tenant reached the limit of 10 available connections

Can you help me ?


It’s the 3rd time I have this issue. Here is the last ticket I’ve opened : Free plan - unable to create a new database

@rueben.tiow @support could you help me on this once again ?

@support anyone to help me on this topic after 14 days ?

@support anyone to help me unblock our account ? It’s beginning to be a big issue for us and blocking the test for several of our potential customers

Hi @solenne,

Could you please DM me your tenant name?

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Hi @dan.woda

Thanks for your answer.

I’ve succeeded in solving my issue yesterday evening by deleting 2 more databases connections. I don’t know why but as long as I had more than 8 databases I couldn’t create a new one. The product saying that I’ve reached the number of 10 databases availables (even if I had 8 or 9). Seems weird !

Now that I have only 7 actives I’m not blocked anymore and I can add more.


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Thanks for the update.

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