Upgrading an Auth0 Plan

As the admin of my tenant, I’ve received an email instructing me to upgrade my plan.
“You’ve been utilizing Enterprise Connections, but unfortunately, you are over your quota on this feature. Please upgrade your subscription to continue using this feature.”
I have one application and a total of 22 users.
Does each user count as an enterprise connection, and what’s the limit of numbers of connections that can still fall under the free tier?
Thank you.

Hi @john.pascoe,

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I have checked your tenant and see that your users are using a Microsoft Azure AD Enterprise connection. In the free tier, there is a limit of 10 Database connections, however, Enterprise Connections like Microsoft Azure AD are not included. (Reference: Entity Limit Policy)

If you would like to continue using Enterprise Connections, you will need to upgrade to an Enterprise subscription plan.


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Hi Rueben, thank you very much for your response.
You are correct, we use Microsoft AzureAD to manage our user accounts, SSO connections, etc.
So, if there is a limit of 10 connections on the free tier (but enterprise connections like AzureAD are not included) - does that then means that, even if we reduced our connections to 10, that would still not be sufficient? Even 1 connection would be 1 too many, as it would be an AzureAD connection?
ie, there’s no point in me trying to reduce our user numbers / database connections? My only option at this point is to upgrade our subscription?
Thank you,

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Hi @john.pascoe,

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, that is correct. You have a limit of 10 connections but they cannot be used as a Enterprise connection because of the free tier subscription plan. Additionally, you won’t need to reduce your number of users, as they are all associated with a single Azure AD Enterprise connection.

Ultimately, if you prefer to use Enterprise connections, you will need to upgrade your subscription.


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