Unable to create 10th connection

When I tried to add a 10th connection for a tenant with 9 connections on a free plan, the following message appeared and I could not add it.
How can I fix this?

" This tenant reached the limit of 10 available connections per the Auth0 Entity Limit policy. You can increase the number of connections by upgrading your Auth0 subscription to a paid plan. Please contact us with any questions."

Hi @stakagi

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Thank you for posting your question. I apologize for the late response. May I ask you if you have recently deleted the connection? It may take some time for our workers to clean up recent records. In that case can you retry to recreate this connection?


Thank you for your response.

Six connections remained after deleting unnecessary connections prior to March 14.
Then, on March 14, we attempted to add 4 more connections and an error occurred on the fourth one.
This condition has not changed as of April 3.

Also, when I was touching things up with other tenants, it appeared that when I deleted the “google-oauth2” connection attached to a new tenant, the number of connections was not released.

Is there any workaround for this?