Flutter and Auth0

Understood Konrad, appreciate that. And thanks for the response.

I’m a developer, too (obviously), and have to break the bad news to people all the time that want they want won’t be happening any time soon. I suppose the difficulty is that the login flows, for native, on offer at the moment are pretty slim. I don’t personally think that many serious SMEs are building a suite of swift / android / windows mobile apps atm, and I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this but it seems to me that Ionic has missed the mark and is going to disappear into obscurity before too long. So there’s pretty much nothing left on the auth0 front, unless you’re a microsoft ecosystem guy and want to use Xamarin.

I don’t know, it is frustrating when a pretty simple (sounding) and broadly applicable use case, developed by Google of all people, can’t be readily utilised.

Anyway, appreciate the response, and will keep plugging away at an unsupported flutter implementation.

Thank you for providing your wide view on that. As soon as I have any updates I’ll share that and will bring that as a topic discussion toward wider group of people internally. Thank you for re-raising that!

Hi everyone, it’s Nick from the Auth0 Product team here. We know it’s been a while since the question about better Flutter support was raised and we’re sorry we’ve kept you watching this long without clear answers.

We love the enthusiasm around this suggestion and we work to take every idea like this into consideration. Your feedback is very helpful to us in determining which tools are most effective for you, while supporting your goals for identity and security with Auth0. You can imagine that we get a lot of requests for specific integrations and new things for Auth0 to support. There is in fact a team of us actively working on our roadmap for developer experience, SDKs, QuickStart guides, and libraries + examples as we speak.

It’s very clear that there’s strong support for Flutter within the community. While we don’t have a specific timeframe to communicate with you yet, we are looking closely at this suggestion and will update this thread as soon as we have more concrete answers.


+1 for Flutter Support!

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Thank you for the input on the matter @gady!

+1 for Flutter support


Thanks @smashedtoatoms!

+1 for Flutter support

Thank you for your vote @Hiroki!

It would be super beneficial guys also to provide a little bit of context about your usecase. Thanks!

+1 for official Flutter support.

My usecase is having social authentication for a mobile application that will be communicating with a backend API. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing @stevenr511!

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+1 for flutter support please


It’s been over two years since this was first requested and nothing seems to have happened since then. I’ve been fortunate that my project went into hibernation for a while, but I’m coming back to it now and it’s disappointing to see that there’s been no visible progress on an official implementation. Whilst I appreciate it requires resources and that Auth0 will have greater priorities, the stark reality is that potential long-term Auth0 customers on a rapidly-evolving new platform will be discouraged from joining the service, and will look elsewhere or code their own implementation. Certainly, from my perspective, I will likely develop my own authorisation system, as I’m reluctant to commit to a service that may never have the official support and features I need.

So, to Auth0, I would say that it’s important for Flutter developers to see that there’s actually a plan in place for this to happen soon. We’ve had words saying this and that, but they’re somewhat empty without action. I’m sure I’m not alone in needing to see something concrete before committing to the service, and I would like to see this before I make a decision on what to use in my project.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I apologize for the wait @mookdrews and we appreciate the honest feedback :bowing_man:

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