Auth0-flutter SDK First Availability!

auth0-flutter SDK: First Availability!

We are pleased to announce the first availability release of our auth0-flutter, our brand new SDK for adding authentication to Flutter applications.

With auth0-flutter, you now have native Auth0 support for key Authentication API operations like login with username and password , signup, get user info, renew user credentials and reset password.

Included in this release we also extend support for web auth login/logout, automatic storage and renewal of user credentials and a custom credentials manager.

To learn more about the new Flutter SDK, check out the Quickstart, sample app, and SDK documentation on GitHub.


Hi @konrad.sopala

I’m successfully testing out the sample app and wondered if I could use this sdk to do the normal AppAuth PCKE (Authorization Code Grant - OAuth 2.0 Simplified) type flows so I can authn/authz the app/user to retrieve my access token etc?

I’d like to login the user, but take an access token/request token for use against our own API that uses Auth0 to do token introspection.

Is this possible with this Flutter SDK or another?

Traditionally I use flutter_appauth and Hydra