Problem with flutter and auth0 api

Hello my friends. I’m perfom a login with flutter and auth0: this is the code:

Future<void> login(Map<String, dynamic> authData) async {

    try {
      final credentials = await auth0.api.login(
        usernameOrEmail: authData["email"],
        password: authData["password"],
        connectionOrRealm: "Username-Password-Authentication"

      await auth0.credentialsManager.storeCredentials(credentials);

      isLoggedIn = await auth0.credentialsManager.hasValidCredentials();

    } on ApiException catch(e) {
      isLoggedIn = false;

I have enabled the grant type in this case (Password) and the console show me this:

What is exactly? Maybe i have forgotten some config?

Hey there @arenasduranj welcome to the community!

Interesting! I did some digging on my end and did come across the validateClaims() method which is indeed required:

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