How to integrate Flutter with Auth0 Universal Auth

I’m trying to integrate my Flutter app with Auth0 Universal Auth. For that, because there is no sdk or library to help yet, I understand I have to do it through Android and iOS code for each platform.

To call my Android code I use a MethodChannel and I handle it in my MainActivity. I’m able to open the Login page of Auth0. But I’m missing something because I’m not able to receive the Credentials.

Can someone who already did this integration guide me in the necessary steps to succeed? At least conceptually. Or can Auth0 publish in Github some simple Flutter app integrated with the Universal Auth? Is that so difficult to ask?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there @rodrigo.salinas1!

Unfortunately we don’t have any official content on Flutter from Auth0 yet. It’s not that difficult to ask, more difficult to make :slight_smile:

We’re a product company and as every product company we have many products and features which have corresponding backlogs and priorities. While I can assure you that I do my best to advocate for the feedback that all of you gusy provide here, everything is in hands of our product managers.

Once I will have something more to share on official Auth0 Flutter content, I will let you know! However maybe you will find this one useful (it’s the must up to date Flutter repo that works with Auth0 stack, developed by one of our community developers):

Thanks, but the problem with the project you mention is that it uses Auth0 API, not the Universal Auth. And like your own article says, is much better to use Universal Auth. I want to use Universal Auth with my Flutter App. Is there any guidance? If not, there will be soon?

There isn’t for now unfortunately. I guess such content will be released once we start working on our Flutter stack. More on that in this thread:

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