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Flutter and Auth0


Are there any examples of using Auth0/Dart with Flutter? Specifically using the social login and client apis without the out of the box lock?


We are actually working on something and should have it up in the near future! If there are specific things or questions you have about the framework or what you’re working on please let us know


Any possibility to have a look this before the whole thing is done? I’m evaluating auth0 for my team and it would be a great help if I could see some examples on how to get the Google authentication working with flutter

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Hi! Do you have some sort of ETA or do you expect to allow someone to test beta-stage code? It’d be great to be able to have access to something before it’s officially released.


Sorry we don’t have an eta… but if the opportunity arises to beta it I will let you know


Any news regarding Flutter?
We are already using Auth0 and are developing our app in flutter.

Regards Morten



Any news regarding the Auth0 support for Flutter would be much appreciated.

Also I have specifically a question whether the Swedish BankID mobile flow would be then supported OOTB?

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We don’t have an update at this time regarding Flutter, but I did find a repo that looks to be using Flutter and Auth0 together:

I can’t endorse this, but it might provide you what you need. As I get more info I will let you know.

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Interesting find I was working on the same method via state channels…

Sure wish there was a better approach…



To those who might be interested, I made a first approach to flutter and auth0 using the api of auth0 :sweat_smile:


now is available PKCE flow!

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Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of the community @dev.dennysegura!

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Hi Jeremy, Have you guys taken further look at the Flutter API’s to connect to Auth0? Very keen and excited to get started, If possibly you have something to share, I can try contribute as we better the login’s for Flutter?


We don’t have anything official at this time, but @dev.dennysegura put something together above that is probably a good starting point!


Yep, it will be great if you can actually join forces and co-develop something community driven!

Also adding Show your Auth0 tag to it once publishing in community might get you more people interested in contributing to it


I agree, And I am starting today to try and get a universal Widget for Flutter that can use most to All of the Auth0 features. Please feel free to keep in Contact and we can all try to contribute to a brilliant widget.

My Plan currently is standard Login Procedure that’ll return the token and then eventually move to biometric services (Email + Github)


That’s great! Keep us updated to so we can help you spread the news once you move forward!


Hi Guys we are very close to getting this right but now just need to find out how to add the expiry of a token in the request. Currently we are able to log in but the token expired immediately.

var user = await auth.passwordRealm(
        username: "",
        password: "**********",
        scope: "openid profile",
        realm: "Username-Password-Authentication",
Documentation on how to use Auth0 in Flutter

Here’s our doc ion setting token expiration time:


That’s been set in the dashboard and has no effect on the return.

This is what we are getting

flutter: {access: oo-sHVAC34dcdcaiHN9CACZMJyhOfYOO, scope: null, expire: 2019-01-23 14:49:22.738885, type: Bearer}