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Flutter and Auth0

It expires immediately after being actions

This is received after using @dev.dennysegura dependency

Hi @TianSc, I regret the delay, do you still have that problem?

Hi @dev.dennysegura, I unfortunately still have the same issue seem to be battling with the native Auth0’s login without using a webView and all documentation leads to webView.

I tried various methods Flutter using Native iOS and Android SDK’s, PHP SDK and still ended up going through the webView login

@TianSc, thanks for report this, it really was a mistake in the plugin, but this was fixed in version 0.2.1 uploaded recently.


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Thanks @dev.dennysegura for sharing that!

@dev.dennysegura @devs_auth0 Are there any way to use Auth0 mobile flow and single sign on together?

Can anyone helps me?
I followed @dev.dennysegura instruction to configure my app. Everything ran well with my first Auth0 account but the problem came when I switched to some other Auth0 accounts and also configured them like the first one. I can’t go to auth0 login page when using web authorize, it only showed a blank page.

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Hey there @khoink!

Have you tried reaching to @dev.dennysegura about that via GitHub repo?

Just adding my vote for an officially supported solution for using Auth0 + Flutter.

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I’ve had the same behavior, have you figured out how to get around this? @dev.dennysegura I’ve opened an issue on the project for this issue. Any ideas on how to get past the blank web page in the web.authorize method?

+1 for official Flutter support :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @anders! Relaying that feedback! Fortunately we’re getting more of those :slight_smile:


+1 until then I’m going to give a go


For now it’s the most developed stack to use Auth0 with Go! Will let everyone know once we get to preparing something from our side!

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Not that it probably matters at this point but:

I’m writing apps for a company, and for this last one we used Xamarin, but I’d rather use Flutter moving forward, since I personally like it better. I’d be able to make a stronger case for Flutter if Auth0 supported it though. :smiley:


Thank you for your feedback @superblockio, it definitely matters! Please be sure to share your specific use cases at Our product team reads through each of the submissions and it helps make decisions on where we where focus in the future!


+1 for official Flutter support.

I’m about to start a new Flutter project and it would be great to see an official Auth0 integration. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for providing that feedback! Just relaying it to appropriate team!

Thanks, Konrad. How close are we to seeing this happen? Is it already in progress or are you still waiting for sufficient demand?