How to integrate Flutter to Auth0

Hi! I am new to Flutter and Auth0. Can somebody help me how to integrate flutter to Auth0? And how to implement 2 Factor Authentication in the Flutter App using Auth0? Thanks in advance.

Hey @sarah.fnjsoftware , Welcome to Auth0 Community!

We have a good blog to get you started with flutter and Auth0:

Do check it out.

For MFA its a matter of switching on the MFA setting from the tenant:


Thank you very much sir.

Hello sir, how about authenticating it with the SMS ? Or the One-Time Password?

Hey there @sarah.fnjsoftware !

Try not to duplicate questions in multiple threads as you also asked this on the other one which bring unnecessary complexity in terms of searching. As of now that’s the only content. we have for specifically integrating with Flutter.

Here’s more on OTP:

and sms:

Maybe that will be of any help!