Facebook graph api 2.4 end of life and Lock-Facebook-iOS

I’m currently using v1 of the iOS Lock framework and as a consequence Lock-Facebook-iOS.
I received an email from facebook saying that I’m using version 2.4 of their API and end of life is next month.

My question is, does Lock-Facebook-iOS make calls to the GraphAPI?

If this is the case what are my options? my app is written in swift 2 so to upgrade to auth0.swift will take quite a long time.



ok I’ll leave this here in case someone has the same issue.

Lock-Facebook.iOS has the following dependencies:

s.dependency ‘FBSDKLoginKit’, ‘~> 4.6’
s.dependency ‘FBSDKCoreKit’, ‘~> 4.6’

that means that is will support any version equal or higher than 4.6 until 5.*

Version 4.6 uses the version 2.4 of the Facebook Graph API, I tried to update to 4.10 that use 2.5 and it works, probably I can update to something newer as well to avoid the same problem in 6 months.