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Does the iOS Swift Lock work on iOS 11?



Has anyone migrated the Swift Lock Framework to Xcode 9 and iOS 11?
I’m trying to use the signup functionality (which was working ok on Xcode 8.3.3) and it’s crashing the app.
In debug I can see it’s crashing in :-1:

lookupImpOrForward in the limobjc.A.dylib library.

Even in debug there is not much information, and unusually it’s not possible to see what function triggered the crash.

Logging in with a pre-existing account works fine, it’s just initial signup that crashes.


In case anyone else hits this problem, I eventually found out that the Lock repository had been updated 2 days after I took the download, and had some changes in specific to Xcode 9 builds - it seems.
Anyway, downloading the latests Lock Framework and re-building Lock & Auth0 Frameworks fixed the problem.