Auth0/Lock framework not working in xCode 15

I have been using Auth0 for the last 2+ years including Lock framework in my iOS project. It’s integrated using Carthage as a project dependencies (Note: Not able to switch from Carthage to cocoapods or SPM). After xCode 14.3 release carthage is not working. Not able to complie and install in project. It’s also not working in latest xCode.

Following Below command for integrate carthage in project.

Already rais issue befor 2 months but no update
Issue #718

Now need a solution to Auth0 that can work with Lock framework in the latest Xcode. This is a Complete blocker now to run the project in Xcode and check in iOS 17 devices.

Getting below error when installing with Carthage.

Hi @BharagvBajani,

Welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

It looks like we have an engineer in that GH issue who is going to take a look. I’ll let them know you are still looking for a response.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for your reply.
Is there any update? looking for solution since long time.

I don’t have any updates to share. Thanks for your patience.

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