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This is regarding the deprecation of certain APIs (usernamepassword/login, /ssodata) used by Lock.js 7, 8, 9 and 10 and and auth0.js, 6, 7, 8.
Could you please provide documentation on the same,
Is support available from the Auth0 team for the same?


Hello, @rohini.patel-ext! Welcome to the Auth0 community.

As you mentioned, Auth0 will be going through a deprecation process soon. You can find more information about which software pieces will be deprecated, as well as on how to migrate here:


Hi @jose.cama can you help with this: This prevents us from upgrading and there are couple days left, and we need also get the app through Apple’s review process… so there is a little bit hurry.


@jose.cama its still not clear to us, if this includes also the Lock Swift for ios… and do we need to upgrade to V2 or can we keep running on 1.29.1 ?


we are using the
in our login.jsp page.
To which version i need to migrate?
here it is lock 7…
Could you please help me on the same.


This depends. Are you using the hosted login page via /authorize or are you embedding Lock natively?