Lock & Auth0.js Deprecation

I have a Cordova app that uses auth0-js 8.7.0. This is used to trigger calls to authorize(), parseHash(), and getting profile info with client.userInfo(). Technically this app sends users to the centralized login page with the calls to authorize().

The Auth0.js migration guide states that this upgrade is optional for apps using an Auth0 login page. I am using an Auth0-hosted login page, but I am also using a few pieces of functionality in auth0.js to trigger these things. Would this fall in the camp of SHOULD migrate or MUST migrate?

As mentioned in the migration guide, if you are using universal login (the hosted login page), it’s not absolutely mandatory to migrate by April 1st. That said, we highly recommend you do so as versions prior to 9 will cease to work at some point in the future.

In summary, since you are not using embedded Lock, your case falls under “SHOULD migrate”.