Why is @auth0/cordova deprecated?

Hi, I don’t understand the reason for this decision. Cordova is still being used by many of us even if some have migrated to Capacitor. Almost all my apps on the Android Play store are Cordova apps and rely on the current Cordova login flow. I don’t have the time to migrate just about every single app to some other flow (for which I would probably have to use some workarounds) just because Auth0 has decided not to support Cordova any longer and I certainly don’t have the time to migrate all my apps to Capacitor. I’m sure there are many others with existing Cordova apps in the same position. Can you reconsider your decision or at least delay the deprecation?

Hey there!

I already reached out to our SDK team for more explanation but I think there is no way to delay the deprecation or reconsider it as it has been already publicly communicated in the repo. Once they share with me their thoughts I’m gonna make sure to relay it here. Thank you!

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